PR Employee Leave Form

Use this form to assign and/or override leave code information for specific employees.

You must set up employees on this form before posting leave accrual or usage information.

Note: You can automatically initialize a leave code to multiple employees using PR Employee Leave Initialization. See Initializing Leave Codes for Multiple Employees for more information.

Each section of this form corresponds with the sections on the PR Leave Code form. This form displays the settings from PR Leave Codes in the Standard fields. Using the Employee Override fields, you can override the standard settings for the currently selected employee. Whether you initialized leave codes, or entered the manually per employee, all Employee Override fields default as blank. If you do not enter any override values, the system uses the standard leave code values from PR Leave Codes. When entering overrides, make sure to enter a date in the Eligible Date field; automatic accrual and usage does not occur prior to this date.

If an employee/leave code combination is "in use" by an open, locked batch, you cannot make changes to the information on this form. If the entry is in use, a message displays, indicating the batch number. The system locks batches to ensure that PR Employee Leave has consistent updates of current leave information.

The Last Date Reset fields determine the starting date for each of the limits on this form (Accrual Limits and the Available Balance Limit). The system updates the date in these fields when you run the PR Leave Code Reset form (see Processing Employee Leave for more information). You can also override this date as necessary for each limit.

Active Status

You can only assign active leave codes to an employee. When you assign a leave code, the Active check box is automatically selected.

If you deactivate a leave code in PR Leave Codes after it is assigned to an employee in this form, you can no longer edit the employee leave code record. If you need to reactivate the leave code for an employee, you must first activate it in PR Leave Codes before you reactivate it here.

For more information on leave code settings and how they affect leave processing, see Leave Code Settings. For more information on initially creating leave codes, see Creating Leave Codes.