Check this box if this employee is an active employee who is still posting timecards and receiving payments.

Do not check this box if this employee is not an active employee. “Inactive Employee” displays in red at the top of the screen.

Note: If you have terminated this employee and entered a termination date in the Term Date field, the system will display a warning if you re-check this box asking if you want to clear the Term Date field. Click Yes to clear the Term Date field or click No to leave the date in the field.
Note: If you change this employee's status to inactive by checking this box, and auto earnings have been set up for the employee, a message displays indicating that the employee has been changed to inactive and asks if you want to delete the auto earnings setup for the employee. Click Yes to delete the auto earnings setup or No to leave them intact. If you elect to delete auto earnings, they will only be deleted from PR. The auto earnings setup in HR Resource Benefits is left intact.

Additionally, if employee has active leave codes with a balance, the system displays a message and prompts you to deactivate the employee's leave codes. Once you select OK, the Active check box is deselected for each applicable leave code in PR Employee Leave, and you can no longer edit the leave code records.