Enter the employee's mailing address information in the following fields:

  • Address - This address is the only address field used on payroll checks and should therefore include apartment number, if applicable. It is updated to the Delivery Address in PR W-2 Employee Information and is the only address printed on W-2s.

  • City - Enter the city.

  • State - Enter a valid state (as defined in HQ States). The system validates the state based on the Default Country specified in HQ Company Setup for the active company. If not valid, an error displays, but entry is allowed. You must then enter a valid country for this state in the Country field.

  • Zip Code - Enter the zip/postal code, up to 12 digits.

  • Country - Enter the 2-character country code. Entry in this field is required when the address exists outside the Default Country specified in HQ Company Parameters for the active company. Country must be valid for the specified state (e.g. state, province, territory, etc.) as defined in HQ States.

  • Add'l Address - Use this field to enter additional address information for this employee. For example, if employee receives his/her mail at a P.O. Box, then you might enter the P.O. Box in the Address field, and use this field to enter the street address.

The address information entered here is not used by any of the posting forms or on payroll checks. It will, however, be updated to the Location Address in PR W-2 Employee Information and will be used for electronic filing only. It is not used on the printed W-2.

Note: If you have Internet access, you can click the Map button for direct access to the default map site for your login (as defined in User Options, Main Menu). Map will default the approximate location of the specified country and address. If a country is not specified, attempts to locate address based on Default Country specified in HQ Company Setup.