Income Stream: PAYG Income Type

(Australia) The PAYG Income Type drop-down on the PR Employees form, Info tab.

Select the PAYG income type. The system uses the income type during payroll processing to determine tax rates and income limits for the employee, and to qualify amounts in the resulting pay sequence by income stream type.

  • S - Salary or wages (default) - Select this option if this employee is a full or part-time employee receiving a regular salary or hourly wages.
  • H - Working holiday maker - Select this option if this employee is a working holiday maker. Once selected, the system enables the Country Code field; entry in this field is required.
Note: If you need to change the income type for an existing employee, you must close the current reporting period and enter a new rehire date to ensure that a new reporting period is generated. For more information, see Change an Employee's PAYG Income Type: Australia.