Separation Date

Australian Users

When you are making an Employment Termination Payment or an unused leave payment to an employee, you must enter their termination/separation date in this field prior to processing the payments. Once you enter a date in this field, the system enables the Separation for Reason of Redundancy or Early Retirement box. Check that box if the employee has been terminated due to redundancy or early retirement.

For more information, see Automatic Payments for Terminated Employees: Australia.

Canadian Users

When an employee has an interruption of earnings (for whatever reason), you must enter the last day for which the employee was paid to enable the system to create Record of Employment (ROE) records. If you do not enter a date here, the system will not create an ROE record for this employee during ROE initialization.

If the employee returns to work, you should clear this field and update the Most Recent Rehire Date field.

For more information, see About Setting Up Employees for ROE Reporting.