Termination Date

Termination Date field on the PR Employees form, Add'l Info tab.

Enter the termination date for this employee.

Note: If an employee is rehired, once you check the Active box, the system will ask if you want to clear the Term Date field. Click Yes to clear the Term Date field or click No to leave the date in the field.

For Australian Companies

When you enter a date in this field, the system automatically updates the Period End Date for the current reporting period (on the PAYG Reporting Periods tab) for an employee.

If this field is blank, the date entered here must be greater than the Most Recent Rehire Date and must be later than the Period Start Date of the current reporting period. You cannot enter a termination date if the Most Recent Rehire Date is blank.

If this field is not blank, changes to the termination date will only be allowed if both of the following conditions are met:
  • The last reporting period record for the employee has both a Period Start Date and Period End Date matching the rehire date and existing termination date (respectively), and no INB Summary exists with those dates.

  • The new termination date is earlier than the Final Pay Period Date of the last reporting period record.

Note: If you terminate an employee that is associated with active leave codes, a message displays indicating there are active leave codes with a balance, and asking if you want to continue and deactivate the employee's leave codes.