Job Cost Interface

You can control JC interfacing and determine some settings for timecards and liability distributions from this tab.

If you want to interface PR to JC, check the Interface Labor/Equipment/SM Work Order Costs to JC and Revenue to EM box. You can decide what detail you want interfaced to JC using the Include in JC Detail section at the bottom of the form. These detail options control how much and what type of timecard detail is interfaced to JC. These options are generally determined by a company’s Job Billing requirements. Three types of job costs are updated to JC: Labor (representing all posted and add-on earnings and hours), Burden (representing the liabilities associated with those earnings), and Usage (representing the costs to a job related to equipment use).

The Craft/Class, Crew, Employee, and Use Posting Date options apply to all three types of job costs. However, there are options specific to each of the job cost types:

  • Labor – Options provided allow you to break out earnings by Earnings Type, Earnings Factor, and Shift, depending on how you bill out costs.
  • Burden – Options are provided to allow breaking down the liability costs associated with earnings (e.g. taxes, insurance, etc.) by Liability Type, Earnings Factor, and Shift.
Note: Earnings Factor and Shift options are only available if breaking down by Liability Type.
  • Usage – Options are providing for breaking out equipment costs by Equipment and Revenue Code.

All payroll information updated to JC is distributed by pay period, month, JC company, job, phase, and cost type, but if one of the above options is checked, then the entries created in the JC Cost Detail file will also include the corresponding detail information. For example, if you check the Use Timecard Date Instead of Pay Period Ending Date box, then entries will be created in JC Cost Detail for each day worked instead of a single entry for the pay period. If the Employee box is checked, then separate entries will be added to JC Cost Detail for each employee instead of a summarized entry for all employees. Burden will be included with labor costs unless the Liability Type box is checked. If you post equipment usage, you typically will want to check the Equipment and Revenue Code boxes to interface detail to JC.