Service Management Interface

If you are using Service Management, you can enter labor hours for technicians using PR My Timesheet or PR Timecard Entry.

The SM Co # field allows you to specify the default SM company to use when entering technician timesheets or timecards.

The Interface Actual Labor Costs to SM checkbox determines whether the actual labor costs posted for a technician (in PR or SM) will be updated to Service Management.

When you capture labor against an SM work order (in PR My Timesheet, PR Timecard Entry, or SM Work Orders, Work Completed tab), the hours are considered anticipated costs until payroll is processed (and are shown in the Proj Cost column on the work completed labor line in SM Work Orders). If the Interface Actual Labor Costs to SM box is checked, when you process payroll and run PR Ledger Update, the system will send the actual labor costs to SM and display them in the Actual Cost field on the related work completed labor line. If the Interface Actual Labor Costs to SM box is not checked, no update will occur.