Create Allowances

You will use the PR Allowances form to create allowances for additional earnings that you will pay employees based on a set time period.

When creating allowances, it is important to set the rule set location based on where you want the system to find the rules governing the allowance. For example, you could create a "crib" allowance type and associate it with the craft level. This would mean that this particular allowance type could only be added to the PR Crafts.

Creating an allowance is the first step in setting up payroll allowances. For more information on the entire process, see About Payroll Allowances.

To create allowances using the PR Allowances form:

  1. Open PR Allowances.
  2. In the Allowance field, enter a name for the type of allowance you are creating.
  3. In the Description field, enter a description for the allowance type.
  4. From the Rule Set Location drop-down, select the rule set location for this allowance. Options include: Craft Master, Craft Template, Craft Class, or Craft Class Template.
  5. Save the record.
    Note: Once you assign an allowance to the specified craft/class/template level (in PR Crafts, PR Craft Classes, PR Craft Template, or PR Craft Class Templates), you cannot change the rule set location, nor can you delete the allowance.