About Payroll Routines

Payroll routines identify the method the system uses to calculate a deduction, liability, or earning amount when a simple method (such as a rate of gross per hour or rate per hour) is not sufficient.

You will associate a routine with a deduction, liability, or earnings code to enable these more complex calculations.

Prior to using a routine, you must initialize (add) the routines to the system. For more information, see Initialize Routines.

Note: Should you receive notice of tax changes that pertain to routines programmed by Viewpoint (entries in the Routine column of the tables referenced from the links above), please forward this information to us as soon as possible. Although we are on the mailing list for the tax authority for each state/province, often businesses receive notice of tax changes before we do.
  • Earnings Based Routines - Routines associated with earnings are typically used for calculating earnings in Australia (e.g., allowances). The earnings routines that are available in the system depend on your country. To see more information about each routine and how to set it up, click the appropriate link below.

    Earnings Based Routines: Australia

    Earnings Based Routines: Canada