Deduction and Liability Based Routines: Australia

A table listing the available Australia-related deduction and liability based payroll routines in the PR Routines form.

In order to use these routines you will need to add them to the system or update existing ones (see Initializing Routines).

PurposeRoutine NameProcedure NameAdditional Information for Setup
(XX in name represents year for tax routines)Forms UsedSetup Instructions




For instructions, see Set up PAYG Withholding for Employees.

Daily Ben

Daily Ben


PR Routines

Set up daily rates in the Misc Amt fields as follows:

Misc Amt #1 – Weekdays

Misc Amt #2 – Saturday

Misc Amt #3 – Sunday

You should only use this routine if you have varying hourly benefits depending on the day of the week (thatis, separate rates for Mon-Fri, Sat, and Sun/Holidays). It assumes there are no regular time hours on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.

Exempt Rate of Gross



PR Routines

Set up a separate routine for each applicable local, and assign bspPRExemptRateOfGross as the procedure.

Enter the exemption amount in the Misc Amt #1 field.

SuperannuationSuperMinbspPR_AU_SuperWithMinPR RoutinesEnter the current earnings threshold in the Misc Amt #1 field; that is, the minimum amount of monthly gross earnings. You must update this field every time the threshold changes.
PR Deductions / Liabilities

Set up a liability code for superannuation. For more information, see Setting Up Liability Codes for Superannuation.

For more information on setting up superannuation, see Set Up Superannuation.