Deduction and Liability Based Routines: Canada

The following table contains the available federal and provincial tax routine codes as well as any special information needed to calculate taxes correctly.

The information included on these tables is as follows:

Province - This column displays the province to which the routine applies.

Routine - This column displays the name of the routine specified for each province. Vista™ by Viewpoint comes with a standard list of routines, which you can initialize in PR Routines. Provinces marked as “None” either do not have provincial taxes or the calculation is a simple rate that you can enter in PR Deduction/Liabilities as specified in the table.

Procedure Name - This column displays the name of the procedure (as defined in PR Routines) used by each province to process your taxes correctly (e.g. Federal = bspPRFWTXX, where XX represents the tax year).

Form Used - This column displays the PR form in which the information shown in the Description column is set up.

Description - This column displays the additional information needed for set up, such as filing status (as well as special cases), number of exemptions, rates/amounts for deduction codes, and worker’s comp routines (where applicable).