Deduction and Liability Based Routines: United States

The following is a list of tables that contain the available federal, state, and city tax routine codes, as well as any special information needed to calculate taxes correctly.

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Daily Ben-Indiana

Indiana County-Missouri

Mississippi-New York Yonkers

North Carolina-Philadelphia

Puerto Rico-Wyoming

The information included in these tables is as follows:
  • State - This column displays the state to which the routine applies.
  • Routine - This column displays the name of the routine specified for each state. Vista™ by Viewpoint comes with a standard list of routines, which you can initialize in PR Routines. States marked as “None” either do not have state income taxes or the calculation is a simple rate that you can enter in PR Deduction/Liabilities as specified in the table.
  • Procedure Name - This column displays the name of the procedure (as defined in PR Routines) used by each state to process your taxes correctly (e.g. Federal = bspPRFWTXX, where XX represents the tax year).
  • Form Used - This column displays the PR form in which the information shown in the Description column is set up.
  • Description - This column displays the additional information needed for set up, such as filing status (as well as special cases), number of exemptions, rates/amounts for deduction codes, and worker’s comp routines (where applicable).