Create Australia Earnings Routines

Use the PR Routines form to create Australian earnings routines.

Routines calculate amounts on earnings when a simple method (such as a rate of gross or rate per hour) is not sufficient. You can use earnings routines to calculate allowances/awards, leave loading, and RDO accrual.

Routines use SQL stored procedures to perform calculations. A number of procedures are available, and the majority of them can be reused to create multiple routines. Unlike tax routines, you do not need to initialize earnings routines to get updates.

To create an earnings routine:

  1. In the Routine field, enter a name for the routine.
  2. In the Description field, enter a description for the routine .
  3. In the Procedure Name field, press F4 to select the procedure to use with the routine.
  4. (Option) In the Last Updated field, enter a creation date.
  5. In the Misc Amt fields, enter amounts as necessary. See Earnings Based Routines: Australia for more information on creating specific types of earnings routines.
  6. Save the record as normal.
  7. Assign the earnings routine to an earnings code. For more information about earning codes, see Set Up Earnings Codes: Australia.