Earnings Based Routines: Canada

The system accommodates specific Canadian earnings through the use of a routine.

Each of the routines needs to have an earnings code set up in PR Earnings Codes and then assigned to appropriate form(s) list below in order to calculate. For more information, see Setting Up Earnings Codes: Canada.

The following table displays each routine, descriptions, and any additional information you need to set up to properly calculate the earnings.




Additional Information for Setup

Forms Used




Calculates earnings as a rate of gross based on subject earnings.

PR Earnings Codes

Create an earnings code for leave loading. Select R-Routine from the Method drop-down and enter the RateofGros in the Routine field.

On the Subject Earnings tab, enter all of the earnings that the leave loading earnings applies to.

PR Automatic Earnings

Enter a rate in the Rate/Amount field or check the Use regular hourly rate box to determine the amount to be applied for each day eligible for the allowance.

For more information, see Posting Automatic Earnings Based on a Rate of Subject Gross.

PR Crafts

PR Craft Classes

PR Craft Class Templates

PR Craft Templates

Add the earnings code for this routine to the Add-On Earnings tab.