Set Automatic Overtime to Use the Craft/Class Rate

Set automatic overtime to use the craft/class rate.

  1. In PRCompany Parameters, click on the Info tab
  2. Select the Using Automatic Overtime check box.
  3. In the Overtime Earnings Code field, enter the earnings code to use for overtime.
  4. Select the Use Variable Earnings Rates check box.
  5. Save the record.
The system will use the variable earnings rates from the craft class (PR Craft Classes, Variable Earnings tab) or craft class template (PR Craft Class Templates, Variable Earnings tab). In addition, the system uses either new or old rate specified, depending upon the timecard and effective dates.

If you do not have variable earnings set up for the craft class or craft class template, but a pay rate is set up (Pay Rates tab on both forms), the system will use the posted rate multiplied by the factor for the overtime earnings code.