About the PR Allowances Form

Use this form to set up allowances for paying employees additional earnings based set time periods.

Allowances are different than add-on earnings in that they are rules-based, which enables you to create specific calculations to determine the amount that an employee is to receive for the time period. Similar to add-on earnings, allowances represent earnings that an employee can earn when working in a specific craft/class.

Note: This functionality was designed for Australian users, however United States and Canadian users may also find it useful.

When creating allowances, you must specify a rule set location, which tells the system where to find the rules governing the allowance. Allowance rule set locations can include one of the following: PR Crafts, PR Craft Classes, PR Craft Templates, or PR Craft Class Templates. For example, you could create a "crib" allowance type and associate it with the craft level. This would mean that this particular allowance type could only be added to the PR Crafts.

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