PAYG Attachment Type

PAYG Attachment Type field on the PR Company Parameters form, Report Info tab.

This field displays for Australian companies only and is enabled when the PAYGINB Summary check box is selected.


Enter the attachment type to use for PAYG summary attachments assigned to employee PAYG summary records. Press F4 to select from a list of valid attachment types.

Once you enter the attachment type and click Save, you are presented with a message asking if you want to update employees with a valid email address in PR Employees to receive their PAYG INB Summary tax documents via email. If you select Yes, the system automatically selects the PAYG INB Summary check box in PR Employees (Add'l Info, Tax Document Email Settings section) for all employees with a valid email address. If an employee does not have an email address, the check box is enabled, but not selected. You must enter an email address for the employee to enable the employee to receive their PAYG tax documents via email.