Federal Type

For use with Federal 'Calculation Category' only.

Specify the type of federal deduction or liability.

  • 1-Withholding

  • 2-FUTA

  • 3-Social Security

  • 4 -Medicare

This option is only used to breakdown Withholding, Social Security, and Medicare amounts when making Federal tax payments via EFT. When the PR AP Update is run, if “Automatic Update to Accounts Payable” is in use and the vendor’s “Addenda Type” is ‘Tax Payment’ (in AP Vendors), one addenda tax payment record is created and the amount distributed to the appropriate addenda field (W/H, Soc Sec, or Medicare) for the transaction. A separate record will be created for FUTA EFT payments. If no ‘Federal Type’ is specified, amount is distributed to the withholding field.

Note: Viewpoint does not currently support state EFT tax payments.