Pre-Tax Group

The Pre-Tax Group field on the PR Deductions/Liabilities form, Info tab.

This field applies to U.S. users only, and is enabled when either of the following applies:
  • For deduction codes, when the Calculation Category drop-down is set to E-Employee and the Pre-Tax Deduction check box is selected.

  • For liability codes, when the Limit type is Rate of Earnings and the 401k Liability check box is selected.

Enter the pre-tax deduction group for this deduction or liability code, or press F4 to select from a list of valid pre-tax deduction groups.

You should enter a group here when you have multiple 401(k) deductions or 401k employer match liabilities that require a combined limit.

Note: For 401k employer match liability codes, this group is used to determine the annual compensation limit (defined in PR Pre-Tax Deduction Groups) used when calculating employer match contributions.