Other Monies Type

Other Monies Type drop-down on the PR Earnings Code form, Addl Info tab.

Enabled when you select the OM-Other Monies separation payment category.

From the drop-down list, select the appropriate other monies type.

B05-Bonus (Holiday)

J00-Retroactive pay adjustment

B06-Bonus (Production/Incentive)


B07-Bonus (Event)

Q00-Profit sharing

B08-Bonus (Staying/Contract complete/EOS)

R00-Retiring allowance/leave credits

B09-Bonus (Separation or retirement)

S00-Settlement pay

B10-Bonus (Closure)

T00-Payout of banked overtime

B11-Bonus (Other)

U12-SUB Maternity/Parental/etc.

E00-Severance Pay

U13-SUB Layoff


U14-SUB Illness


U15-SUB Training

I00-Sick leave credits

Y00-Pay in lieu of notice