About the PR Groups Form

Payroll groups are used to classify employees according to common pay periods and common bank accounts, as well as separate sensitive payroll data for security reasons.

Using groups enables you to process several different types of payroll independently. Setting up different groups allows you to process them at the same time, yet keep their information separate.

Separate groups must be used if they have different pay periods or are paid out of different bank accounts. There may be other operational reasons for using separate groups as well.

An employee is typically associated with only one group at a time, since it requires changing the group number in PR Employees for the system to allow posting.

The concept of payroll groups is fundamental in the Payroll module. Most PR forms work on the payroll group concept. Most reports are run by group number, detail files are stored by group, and the system interfaces to Job Cost, General Ledger, and Equipment Management by group.

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