About the PR Overtime Schedule by Shift Form

This form is accessed by double-clicking a record on the Shift Overrides tab in PR Overtime Schedule and is used to override the standard overtime rules for a schedule by shift.

Setting up schedules by shift allows you to accommodate situations where the number of hours after which overtime is calculated differs by shift. For example, you may have one shift that receives overtime after 8 hours and another shift that receives overtime after 7.5 hours.

Setup in this screen is identical to that of the PR Overtime Schedule form. For each shift, specify the maximum number of hours that are worked before overtime is calculated per day. The number of hours must be between 0 and 24, with 8 being used for an 8-hour day and 0 being used if all hours worked in a day should be treated as overtime. The earnings code that will be used when overtime is calculated is entered in the OT Code column. As with the standard schedule, you can set up multiple levels of hours and OT codes.

Note: Because this feature overrides the regular overtime schedule values, if you set up an overtime schedule for one shift, you must set up schedules for all shifts. Otherwise, hours posted to shifts not set up will not have any overtime calculated.