About the PR State Information Form

Use this form to identify an employee’s tax, unemployment, and other deduction and liability information associated with a State.

Each state that your employees work in must be set up in this form.

  • Income Tax - Use this section to enter state income tax information.
    Note: This section does not apply to Australian users
  • Unemployment - The Unemployment ID# is provided for states that assign a separate ID# for reporting unemployment information. This should default to the Tax ID# when setting up a state. SUTA liability is the state unemployment liability code. The Accumulate with SUTA Liability options allow you to indicate whether hours or weeks worked are accumulated for state unemployment. If neither hours nor weeks are accumulated, you can set this option to “None.”
    Note: This section does not apply to Canadian or Australian users
  • Unemployment/Wage Reporting - Use this tab to set up and maintain information used for quarterly Unemployment and Wage reporting. The amount of information you set up here depends on what reporting format you normally use. For example, if you are using the ICESA (Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies) format, most of the information on this tab is required for unemployment/wage reporting. Additionally, some information (such as C-3 Data, Suffix Code, Tax Type, Plant, Branch, and Local Codes 1, 2, and 3) is defined by the state requiring the information. Generally, you can obtain this information from the Unemployment Office of the state to which you are reporting.
  • Additional State Based Deductions and Liabilities - Deduction and liability codes that are entered on this tab represent additional deductions and liabilities to be calculated for the State. The Based On field determines whether the deduction or liability is based on the posted Tax or Unemployment State, where T = based on TaxState, and U = based on Unemployment State.