About the PR State Insurance Codes Form

Use this form to assign insurance codes to their respective states.

First, identify the state for which the worker’s comp deductions and liabilities apply. Then, link the appropriate insurance code with the state; state and insurance codes are set up in the Headquarters module.

Enter the insurance deduction/liability codes and the rate to be calculated for the insurance code. Typically for most states, there will be a liability code for Workmen’s compensation that has been set up with a method of Straight Time Equivalent. The same liability code may be used on multiple insurance codes, and even for multiple states, but the rate will be different by code. Additional codes may be used as needed for special state requirements. A liability code for General Liability may be added to include an accrual for that as well. Codes added to this grid must be set up in PR Deductions/Liabilities to ensure that their Type, Description, and Method are automatically displayed.

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Setting up State Insurance Codes