Adding All Eligible Codes to the Basis

The following instructions detail how to add all earnings codes and pre-tax deductions to the Basis Codes tab for a deduction/liability code.

  1. On the PR Deductions/Liabilities form, click Add Basis Codes.
  2. The system displays the PR Add DL Basis Codes form.
  3. Select the Add all eligible Earnings and DL Codes to basis radio button.
  4. Click Add.
    The system adds all earnings and pre-tax deduction codes to the Basis Codes tab. You can then delete any individual codes that do not apply.
  5. To add additional codes, select the Basis Codes tab, select the code type from the EDL Type drop-down, and enter the code number in the EDL Code field. Press F4 to see a list of valid codes based on the code type.
    Note: For a liability code to distribute correctly, you must assign at least one earnings code that has the Include in Liability Distributions box checked in PR Earnings Codes.

  6. Check the Subject Only box if the earnings are to be included in the subject amount only (and not the calculations) for this deduction or liability. For more information on this field, see Subject Only.