About Setting the Calculation Category for D/L Codes

When creating deduction and liability codes (PR Deductions/Liabilities) , the calculation category determines the type of calculation that occurs during processing.

Use the Calculation Category field to determine the category. Once you have finished creating deduction/liability codes, you must assign them to the corresponding PR forms for automatic calculation.

The following table identifies all calculation categories and the PR forms used for registering the codes.

Calculation Category

Registering Form


PR Federal Info


PR State Information


PR Local Codes


PR Insurance Codes


PR Crafts or PR Craft Classes


PR Employees or PR Employee Dedns/Liabs


All of the above forms

Note: If you assign a code to an inappropriate form (e.g., registering a State deduction code in PR Federal Info), the system displays an error during processing. However, you may assign a deduction code with the Any category to any of the above mentioned PR forms. However, if you register the code with more than one form, the system may duplicate the calculation.

Setting the Federal Type (US users only)

If you select Federal from the Calculation Category drop-down, you must also identify the type of federal deduction or liability in the Federal Type drop-down. The following options are available: Withholding, FUTA, Social Security, and Medicare. When assigning a federal type, you can break down amount when making Federal tax payment via EFT.

If you checked the Automatic Update to Accounts Payable box (Addl Info tab) and the vendor's addenda type is set to Tax Payment (Addenda Type field, AP Vendors, EFT tab), the system creates one addenda tax payment record and distributes it to the appropriate addenda field for the transaction.