Earnings Code Calculation Methods

When you set up an earnings code in PR Earnings Codes, you need to determine the calculation method for the earnings using the Method drop-down field.

The following table displays available calculation methods, their description, and typical uses for specific countries.



Typical Use

A - Amount

Pay a specified amount.


D - Rate per Day

Pay a specific amount for each day of posting


F - Factored Rate per Hour

Calculate add-on earnings by multiplying the rate times the factor of the posted earnings code (e.g., $1.00 per hour for regular time, $1.50 for overtime, and $2.00 for double time.)

Union add-ons

G - Rate of Gross

Calculate on all earnings prior to this earnings code that are subject to auto earnings.

401(k) – United States

Superannuation – Australia

Registered Retirement Savings Plans - Canada

H - Rate per Hour

Calculate using the number of hours posted multiplied by a specific rate

Hourly wages

S - Rate of STE

Calculate earnings based on straight time equivalent. Used only for automatic earnings.

Workers Compensation - United States

V - Variable Factored Rate

All earnings where the rate is based on the factor of the posted earnings code but the rate cannot be calculated as simply as straight time x the factor (e.g., union vacation is $1.00 per hour for regular time, $1.35 per hour for overtime, and $1.75 per hour for double time.)

Union add-on that has a variable rate based on the earnings factor.

R - Routine

This option is applicable to Australian and Canadian users only.

Earnings Based Routines: Australia

Earnings Based Routines: Canada

L - Allowance

Use this option when setting up an earnings code for payroll allowances.

Payroll allowances (crib, meal, etc.) - Australia

About Payroll Allowances