Equipment Management Options

The default company for equipment usage and/or mechanics’ timecards is set up on the Equipment tab (of PR Company Parameters). However, you may override the default when entering timecards, allowing both equipment usage and mechanics’ timecards to be posted to multiple EM companies.

The Enter Equipment Usage With Time Cards check box determines where equipment usage entries are made. If checked, job-related usage can be entered in PR Timecard Entry or EM Usage Posting. Service-related usage can be entered in PR Timecard Entry or SM Work Completed Equipment. If not checked, you can only enter equipment usage in EM Usage Posting (jobs) or SM Work Completed Equipment (service work orders).

To interface PR to EM, select the Interface Labor Costs To EM check box. Use the Include in EM Revenue Detail section to indicate what detail you want included when interfacing timecards to EM Revenue Detail. You can include detail information by Employee and/or JC Phase/CT only as needed (job detail is always included). Selecting the Use Posting Date Instead Of Pay Period Ending Date check box will provide daily EM revenue entries if needed. You can also include employee numbers in the update to EM from mechanic timecards by selecting the Include Employee In EM Cost Detail check box.