Enter a rate or an amount that is interpreted based on the earnings method. Negative values are valid.

Note: The rate or amount entered here must be of the same sign as the standard limit. For example, if the standard limit is a negative value, the rate/amount must also be a negative value. If they do not match, you will receive a message stating that the Rate/Amount and Standard Limit must both be of the same sign. You will need to correct the value before you can save the record.

If you enter a salaried employee, this field defaults the salary amount from the Salary field in PR Employees. If you enter one or more additional sequences for the same earnings code, the amount specified here should represent the portion of the total salary applicable to the sequence. The sum of all sequences for the employee/earnings code should equal the total Salary amount. For example, if you enter one sequence for Earnings Code 1, Job 100 and one sequence for Earnings Code 1, Job 200, and each represent 50% of the total salary ($1,000), you would enter $500 in this field for each sequence.

Note: If you selected the Update Auto Earnings check box for an employee/earnings code in PR Employees that is also set up in PR Automatic Earnings, changes to the employee's salary will update this field for the specified employee/earnings code. For more information, see About Updating Salary Changes to Auto Earnings.