Set Payroll Group Security

Payroll information is typically sensitive, so you may choose to set up security so that payroll information is available only to those selected employees who should have access to it.

Set up security by payroll group using the Group Security tab on the PR Groups. Assign users to the group that should have access to information associated with that group.

To set up payroll group security:

  1. In VA Security Groups, set up a security group that does not have users assigned. Set Group Type to Data.
  2. In VA Data Security Setup:
    1. In the Datatype field, press F4 and select bEmployee.
    2. Select the Secure Datatype check box.
    3. In the Default Security Group field, enter the security group that you set up in Step 1.
    4. On the Secure Tables tab, select the Apply Security checkbox for each Table Name you want secured.
    5. Click Regenerate Views. The VA View Generator form appears.
  3. In VA View Generator:
    1. From the Available Views list, select all of the tables that are to be generated and add them to the Views to Regenerate list. This list should match the tables you chose to secure in Step 2d.
    2. Click Regenerate Views.
  4. In PR Groups, Group Security tab, enter all of the users that should have access to information associated with each payroll group that needs to be secured.

    The system also grants access to members assigned to the default security group in VA Data Security Setup.