Set up a QPP Deduction: Canada

Applies only to Canada users who have one or more employees subject to Quebec's deduction and liability amounts.

In the PR Deductions/Liabilities form:
  1. In the Dedn / Liab Code field, enter a number to uniquely identify the code.
  2. In the Description field, enter a description for the code.
  3. In the Type section of the form, select the Deduction radio button.
  4. Set the Calculation Category drop-down to F-Federal.
  5. In the Federal Type drop-down, select 3-QPP.
  6. In the GL Account field, enter the GL account to credit for this deduction code.
  7. In the Method drop-down, select R-Routine.
  8. In the Routine field, enter CPP or press F4 to locate and select the routine.
  9. In the Rate / Amount #1 field, enter the current rate.
  10. In the Amount field (Limit section), select the Subject Amount option and enter the annual contribution amount.
Note: You must add this QPP deduction code to the PR Federal Info form prior to processing payroll.