Set up Automatic AP Updates: United States

Use the Addl Info tab on PR Earnings Codes to set up automatic updates to the Accounts Payable (AP) module.

When you enter information on this tab, the system automatically creates AP transactions from the amounts that you post to the specified earnings code. Typically, you will do this for earnings codes that represent negative earnings such as 401(k) or Section 125 premiums that the employee pays. When updating PR information to AP (via PR AP Update, the system reverses all transactions created for the negative earnings so that they become positive AP payments. See Updating Payroll Information to AP for more information.

While you can set up salary reductions as negative earnings, it is recommended that you set up salary reductions as pre-tax deductions. For more information, see Setting Up Pre-Tax Deductions.

Note: The process for setting up automatic AP updates differs for Canadian users. See Setting Up Earnings Codes: Canada for more information.

The following instructions detail how to set up automatic AP updates for earnings codes.

Note: Prior to setting up automatic AP update information, you must first set up the associated earning code.
  1. Check the Automatic update to Accounts Payable box.
 The system enables the rest of the fields on this form.
  2. Enter the vendor number in the Vendor field. Press F4 to see a list of available vendors.
  3. Check the Separate AP transaction per Employee box to create a separate transaction for each employee.
    Note: When you check this box, the system uses the employees first and last name as the transaction description. If you do not check this box, the system uses the earnings code description.
  4. Enter the payable type in the Payable Type field. Press F4 for a list of available payable types.
    Note: The payable type you enter here determines the GL payable account to credit when posting the AP transaction.
  5. In the GL Account field, enter the GL account number for debiting during AP transaction posting.
  6. In the Frequency field enter the frequency code that identifies how often the system updates AP with posted transactions associated with this earnings code.
  7. Save the record.