Add Employees to Payroll Crews

When creating crews in PR Crews, you will use the Crew Members tab to add employees to a crew.

The following instructions detail how to add employees to a crew.

Note: The sort default for the Employee Hours tab in PR Crew Timesheet Entry is based on the sequence number assigned to the employee on the Crew Members tab. If you want to sort crews in PR Crew Timesheet Entry with the foreman displaying first, make sure that the foreman is the first sequence that you enter here.
  1. Once you set up the crew, select the Crew Members tab.
  2. In the Employee field, enter the employee number or sort name for the employee you wish to add to the crew. Press F4 for a list of employees.
The system defaults the next available sequence number in the Seq field, EM company in the EMCo field, and equipment number in the Equipment field (if a piece of equipment is specified for the employee in the Equipment Code field in PR Employees).
    Note: You can only add employees that have the same payroll group as the one you specified in the PR Group field on the Info tab.
  3. Check the Use Std Hrs box if the system should include the employee's earnings and labor hours included when timecards are initialized. If you do not check this box, the system only initializes equipment usage.
  4. In the Add-on Hrs field, enter the number of additional hours to post when a timecard is generated for the employee, if necessary. You will typically enter hours in this field for foremen, and it does not affect the crew timesheet.
  5. In the EM Co# field, enter the EM company to use when posting equipment usage, if necessary.
  6. In the Equipment field, enter a code to identify the equipment used by this employee, if you are posting usage.
The equipment description defaults in the Equip Desc field.
  7. In the RevCode field, enter the revenue code to use when posting usage to equipment. Press F4 for a list of valid revenue codes.
  8. In the UsagePct field, enter the percent of posted hours for that employee that will default for equipment usage units. If equipment has been entered, the default is 100%.
    Note: The equipment fields (EM Co#, Equipment, Equip Desc, RevCode, and UsagePct) only display if you have checked the Enter Equipment Usage box in PR Company Parameters (Equipment tab).
  9. Save the record as normal.
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 to add additional employees to the crew, as necessary.

    You can now enter time for your crew using PR Crew Timesheet Entry.