Set up Pre-Tax Deduction Groups

You can use PR Pre-Tax Deduction Groups to set up groups for pre-tax deductions that share an annual limit.

The following instructions detail how to create pre-tax deductions groups.

  1. Enter a number for the group in the Deduction Group field. Press F4 to see a list of existing groups.
  2. Enter a description for the group in the Description field.
  3. Enter the group's limit in the Annual Limit field.
    Note: The limit must be a positive number, zero (0) or greater. If you enter zero, the system assumes that there is no limit.
  4. Save the record as normal.

    Once you set up a pre-tax deduction group, you can associate it with pre-tax deductions that share the same annual limit. For more information, see Creating Deduction and Liability Codes.