Set Weekly Minimums for Superannuation

(Australia only) If your employees participate in an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA), you may need to set a minimum weekly amount for superannuation.

Set this weekly amount at the liability, the craft/class/template, and/or at the employee level. If there is a minimum weekly amount set up at more than one level, the system uses the highest amount in calculating the liability amount. Entering 0.00 means there is no weekly minimum.

Note: Keep in mind that this value represents a minimum weekly value for the superannuation calculation amount. So if employees are not paid on a weekly basis, you will need to make sure the weekly amount appropriately represents what you want to pay the employee per pay period. For example, if employees are paid fortnightly and you want to pay an employee $500 superannuation per pay period, you will need to set the Superannuation Weekly Minimum to $250. Remember, the system uses the highest Superannuation Weekly Minimum value, so make sure you update the weekly minimum in the appropriate place.

The following discusses how to set a minimum amount at the following levels:

Note: You can only set a weekly minimum for liability codes where the Method is R-Routine, the Routine is SuperMin, and the ATO Category is S-Superannuation or SE-Superannuation-Extra.
  • Liability level: Enter the amount in the Superannuation Weekly Minimum field in the PR Deductions/Liabilities form, Addl Info tab.
  • Craft/class/template level: Enter the amount in the Superannuation Weekly Minimum field in one or more of the following forms. When set at this level, the weekly minimum amount applies to all employees associated with the craft/class and applies to whatever liability/superannuation fund that they have chosen.
    • PR Crafts
    • PR Craft Classes
    • PR Craft Templates
    • PR Craft Class Templates
  • Employee Level: Enter the amount in the Superannuation Weekly Minimum field in the PR Employee Dedns/Liabs form.

When setting a weekly minimum amount, you must make sure that the superannuation liability code is calculated using the SuperMin routine. For more information, see Setting Up Liability Codes for Superannuation.