Purge Accumulations

You can use the Accumulations tab on the PR Purge form to purge employee accumulations for employees through a specified month/year.

Purging deletes the earnings, deductions, and liability accumulations through the specified month/year. For more information about purging accumulations, see About Purging Accumulations.

  1. In PR Purge, select the Accumulations tab.
  2. Select the Purge Employee Accumulations check box.
    The system enables the Through Month field.
  3. In the Through Month field, enter the month/year through which the system should purge accumulations.
  4. To restrict purging to a specific deduction or liability code, select the Restrict by deduction/liability code check box.
    The system enables the DL Code field.
  5. Enter the deduction or liability code to restrict purging by in the DL Code field or press F4 to see a list of deduction/liability codes.
  6. If you want to restrict purging by employee, check the Restrict by Employee box
    The system enables the Employee field.
    Note: The system only enables the Restrict by Employee box when you are restricting the purge by deduction/liability and the deduction/liability lifetime limit has been met.
  7. Enter the employee to restrict purging by in the Employee field.
  8. Click Purge.
    The system displays a confirmation message.
  9. Click Yes to purge accumulations.
The system removes all accumulations data meeting the specified criteria.