Purge Employees

You can use the Employees tab in PR Purge to remove inactive employees who have no entries in accumulations, timecards, payment history, leave history, W-2s (US only), T-4s (Canada only), PAYG INB summary records (Australia only), or arrears/payback history.

You can restrict the purge by employee and/or termination date. During the purge process, the system deletes detail from the employee header, direct deposit distributions, deduction and liability overrides, automatic earnings, crew makeup, and employee leave setup information, to name a few. For Australian companies, the purge will also delete period of reporting records.

Note: (Australia) You cannot purge an employee if any PAYG summary data exists. If needed, see Purge ATO Data (AU).
To purge employees:
  1. In PR Purge, select the Employees tab.
  2. Check the Purge Inactive Employees box.
The system enables the Restrict by Employee and Restrict by Termination Date boxes.
  3. Check the Restrict by Employee box if you want to purge a specific employee.
The system enables the Employee field.
  4. If purging a specific employee, enter the number in the Employee field. You can press F4 for a list of employees.
  5. Check the Restrict by Termination Date if you want to purge based on a termination date.
The system enables the Through Termination Date field.
  6. If you are purging base on a termination date, enter the date in the Through Termination Date field. The system will purge employees who have been terminated on this date and earlier.
  7. Click Purge.
The system displays a confirmation message.
  8. Click Yes to purge data.
The system purges all inactive employee records meeting the specified criteria.