Purge Leave History

You can use the Leave History tab on the PR Purge form to remove leave code accrual and usage detail for all employees prior to a specified month.

You can also restrict the purging to a specific leave code. Changes made with this tab do not affect any accumulated or available leave balances.

This tab deletes Leave History detail (bPRLH) for all employees through a specified month for one or all Leave codes.

The following instructions detail how to purge leave history.

  1. In PR Purge, select the Leave History tab.
  2. Check the Purge Leave Code History box.
  3. In the Through Month field, enter the month through which you want to purge leave history.
  4. Check the Restrict by Leave Code box if you want to purge history for a specific leave code.
The system enables the Leave Code field.
  5. In the Leave Code field, enter the leave code for purging history or press F4 for a list of leave codes.
  6. Click Purge.
The system displays a confirmation message.
  7. Click Yes to purge leave history.
The system purges all leave history records meeting the specified criteria.