Purge My Timesheets

You can use the My Timesheets tab in PR Purge to purge posted employee timesheets.

You can restrict the purge by the employee who entered the timesheet (in PR My Timesheet) and/or the timesheet start date. This tab purges the associated records from the bPRMyTimesheet and bPRMyTimesheetDetail database tables.

The following instructions detail how to purge My Timesheets.

  1. In PR Purge, select the My Timesheets tab.
  2. Check the Purge Posted Timesheets box.
  3. If you want to purge records entered by specific employee, check the Restrict by Entry Employee.
The system enables the Employee field.
  4. If you are purging be a specific entry employee, enter the number in the Employee field. Press F4 for a list of employees.
  5. If you want to purge based on timesheet start date, check the Restrict by Timesheet Start Date.
The system enables the Through Timesheet Start Date.
  6. Enter the month/year that the system should purge through in the Through Timesheet Start Date field.