Purge Payment History

Use the Payment History tab on the PR Purge form to remove check and EFT direct deposit history from a payroll group's closed and fully interfaced pay periods with an ending date equal to or earlier than the date you enter.

Keep the following in mind as you proceed:
  • pay periods must be both closed and fully interfaced or deleted from pay period control

  • check, EFT, and direct deposit history is deleted (bPRPH, bPRDH)

  • you can delete data for one payroll group at a time or for all payroll groups at once

  • the payroll ending date must be equal to or earlier than the date you enter

  • the date you enter must be at least 3 years prior

  • because check history can be used for employment verification and other historical purposes, it is suggested that you keep at least 18 months at all times.

The following instructions detail how to purge payment history by payroll group:
  1. In the PR Purge form, select the Payment History tab.
  2. Select the Purge Payment History check box.
  3. In the PR Group field, enter the payroll group.
  4. In the Through PR Ending Date field, enter a payroll ending date at least three years prior.
  5. Click Purge.
To purge payment history for all payroll groups:
  1. in step 2, instead of selecting the Purge Payment History check box, select the Purge all PR Groups where PR End Dates are less than or equal to Through Date check box

  2. skip step 3.

  3. (Optional) if you want the system to consider posted dates (and not just payroll end dates), select the Require both Posted Date and PR End Date be less than or equal to Through Date field. This only matters if you have items belonging to a pay period but dated for outside that pay period.