Purge ROE History (CA)

(Canada only) Use the T4/ROE tab on the PR Purge form to purge Record of Employment historical records for a specific ROE date.

Note: The T4/ROE tab displays only if the default country for the company you are processing in has been set to Canada (Default Country field, HQ Company Setup form).
This action purges the associated records from the PR Record of Employment database tables:
  • vPRROEEmployeeHistory
  • vPRROEEmployeeInsurEarningsPPD
  • vPRROEEmployeeSSPayments
To purge ROE historical data:
  1. In the PR Purge form, select the T4/ROE tab.
  2. Select the Purge ROE Data check box.
    The system enables the ROE Date field.
  3. In the ROE Date field, enter the date for purging ROE historical records. Press F4 to select from a list of valid dates.
  4. Click Purge.
    The system displays a confirmation message.
  5. Click Yes.
The system purges all ROE historical records associated with the specified ROE date.