Set Up and Maintain Superannuation Funds

You can use the HQ Super Funds form to set up Superannuation funds for your Australian employees.

  1. In the HQ Super Funds form, enter a code in the Fund field, up to 20 characters.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name of the superannuation fund.
  3. In the Fund ID field, enter that fund ID that has been designated by the fund.
  4. In the Contact and Phone fields, enter the name and the telephone phone number of the contact person at the bank or organisation that holds the fund.
  5. In the Address section, enter the address of the fund.
  6. To delete a superannuation fund, confirm that there are no records associated with the fund in AP Vendors (On-Cost tab), PR Super Clearing House Funds (Funds tab), and/or PR Deductions/Liabilities (Addl Info tab). Select the fund you want to delete, and click the Delete icon.
Once you set up funds on this form, you can then use PR Super Clearing House Funds to associate these funds with clearing houses that have been set up in HQ Super Clearing House. You can also associate the fund with a corresponding deduction or liability code.