About Service Timecards

Service timecards allow you to capture the labor hours for technicians performing service work and update the costs to the service work order (in SM).

You can enter timecards for SM work orders directly in the PR Timecard Entry form. Once you save a timecard line, the system generates a corresponding work completed labor entry in SM Work Orders (Work Completed tab). If you enter equipment usage with a service timecard line (customer work orders only), the system will also generate a work completed equipment line for the work order. Any changes made to an existing timecard will update the corresponding work completed record(s) in SM.

Note: Work completed equipment lines generated from a timecard cannot be edited in SM; all edits must be handled via PR Timecard Entry. The system will update the work completed equipment line accordingly.

Labor hours entered for work orders in SM Work Orders will not add or update timecard records; instead, they will add or update timesheet records (in PR My Timesheet), which you must then approve and send to a timecard batch. However, this functionality is only available if you selected the PR interface check box in SM Company Parameters. Otherwise, you will need to manually enter and update timecards or timesheets in PR to capture labor hours for SM work orders.

Equipment usage entered for work orders in SM Work Orders will not add or update timecard (or timesheet) records. Revenue updates to EM will be handled for these entries directly in SM.

Note: For Australian and Canadian companies: Entry of time to a non-job SM work order will automatically set the Tax Type to 3-VAT for the work completed labor line in SM Work Orders. The tax code for the work completed line will default from the Service Center or Service Site (depending on the Tax Source specified for the work order) and must be a VAT-type code. For this function to work, the SM company's AR company (defined in SM Company Parameters) must be set up with a Default Country of AU or CA in HQ Company Setup.