If you specified a craft for this employee (previous field), enter the craft classification. Must be an existing class set up for the craft in the PR Crafts form. Initially defaults the employee's standard class from PR Employees.

If you selected the Equipment Class Override option (Options menu), and an equipment has been entered for this timecard line, this field defaults the PR Class specified for the equipment's category (in EM Categories). The combination of craft and class, if entered, determines the pay rate default.

If the craft template associated with the Job (job, mechanic, and SM job work order timecards) or SM Work Order (customer work order timecards) has a reciprocal agreement with a type of Override, the system will override the employee's standard craft with the Job Craft specified on the craft template (in PR Craft Template). If the employee's standard class or equipment class (if Equipment Class Override option is in use and an equipment was entered) does not exist for the Job Craft, you must either set up the class for the Job Craft in PR Craft Classes and in PR Craft Class Templates (for the job's craft template) or select a valid class already set up for the Job Craft.

Note: Service timecards (type S-SM Work Order) originating from Service Management will default the class specified for the labor line in SM Work Orders (Work Completed tab) or in SM Work Completed Labor.