Timecards are entered within a batch, similar to other posting programs.

When the posting form is loaded, the standard Batch Selection form appears, allowing you to select an existing batch or start a new one. Batches created from this form have a “PR Entry” source.

The PR Group and Ending Date must identify an existing open Pay Period set up in PR Pay Period Control; all timecards in a batch are posted to the same PR Group and Ending Date. Once a timecard is posted, its PR Group and Ending Date cannot be changed (the timecard can, however, be deleted and reentered with the correct PR Group and Ending Date). Entries in this form are validated when the PR Batch Process form is run.

Timecard batches are different than other modules in that the posting does not update other modules such as Job Cost and General Ledger. Those updates are done through PR Ledger Update. Posting the timecard batch only updates the payroll files so that the employee may be processed and checks printed. Using batches allows multiple people to enter timecards separately and get their own audit list for balancing time sheets. Additionally, The batch month does not determine when time is posted; the system uses the month(s) and the cutoff date (if a split-month pay period) from the PR Pay Period Control to determine posting.