Enter Mechanics Timecards

Enter mechanics timecards in PR Timecard Entry.

If you have purchased the Equipment Management (EM) module, you can enter mechanics timecards in PR Timecard Entry. The only time that you should specify a mechanics timecard is if you want to charge the equipment. If the employee did work that you want to charge to a job, or to an overhead expense account, that time should be entered as a job timecard. Time entered for both timecard options are added together to determine hours paid for the employee.

Note: Mechanics timecards may also be entered directly in EM Maintenance Timecard Entry. However, entries made there do not currently update Payroll mechanics’ timecards. Costs are only updated to EM and GL.

Mechanics’ labor costs may be charged directly to pieces of equipment or to equipment through work orders. You can charge costs to equipment or equipment components. Labor may be charged at the employee’s pay rate or at a fixed cost that is set up by employee in PR Employees. Burden may be charged at actual or based on a rate.

The following instructions detail how to enter mechanics timecards in PR Timecard Entry.

  1. Open the PR Timecard Entry form.
The Batch Selection form displays.
  2. In the Payroll Timecard Batches section of the form, enter the payroll group, payroll ending date, and payment sequence in the PR Group, PR End Date, and Pay Seq fields, respectively, and click OK.
The PR Timecard Entry form displays.
  3. Select M-Mechanic from the Type drop-down field.
  4. Enter the employee number in the Employee field. Press F4 to see a list of employees.
A number of fields default including PR Dept, JC Co, and EM Co.
  5. Change the information in the JC Coand EM Co fields and enter a job in the Job field, as necessary.
  6. If the work performed is associated with a work order, enter the work order number and the item in the WO and WO Item fields, respectively.
  7. If you want to post time at the component level, enter the component type and component in the Comp Type and Component fields, respectively.
  8. Adjust additional field settings, as necessary. See F1 help for individual fields for more information.
    Note: The system adjusts the Rate field depending on the values that you enter in the Craft, Class, EC, and Shift fields.
  9. Enter the hours worked in the Hours field.
The system defaults an amount in the Amount field.
  10. Check the Cert box if you want the employee's earnings to be included when running Certified Reports.
  11. Save the record and add additional timecard lines for this employee or other employees, as necessary.
    Note: You can easily add new lines for an employee by using the copy function. For more information see the F1 help for the Copy 0-2 field.
  12. Process and post the batch.

    You can now post automatic overtime, if necessary, and post automatic earnings.