Posting Timecards

The following instructions provide an overview for posting employee timecards.

You will use PR Timecard Entry to post employee timecards to open payroll periods.

  1. Enter timecard details into PR Timecard Entry. During this step, you will be manually entering employee time for each day worked during the pay period. When entering time you can enter job , mechanic, or SM work order timecards.
    Note: If you have previously entered crew timesheets or your employees entered timesheets via PR My Timesheet Entry, you can review them in the same batch that you are adding manual timecards to.
  2. Initialize crew information to the timecard batch, if necessary (job timecards only). You will do this if you want to quickly add crews to the timecard batch and set the same job, phase, and, optionally, hours for all crew members. This step bypasses the standard process for entering crew time.
  3. Add any existing timecards to the batch, if necessary. You will generally do this when you need to make corrections to an employee's timecards for the current pay period or to "back out" incorrectly posted timecards.
  4. Modify any timecards that you added or initialized to the batch, as necessary.
  5. Process and post the timecard batch.

    You can now post automatic overtime, if necessary, and post automatic earnings.