Timecard Entry Control Options and Defaults

There are many options within Payroll that are used to determine the defaults in PR Timecard Entry and to facilitate the ease of data entry.

These should be reviewed carefully with the following goals in mind:

  • Provide the correct defaults for determining the state for withholding tax, unemployment tax, and worker's compensation.

  • Pull the correct worker's compensation code.

  • Set the fields for data entry to provide the best combination of speed and ease of use.

The setups that provide the entry control and defaults are as follows:

  • PR Company Parameters - Set the default JC Company on the Job Cost tab. Employees may be charged to multiple Job Cost companies, but one should be set as the default. If the Job Cost phase determines the insurance (worker's comp) code to be used, check the Insurance by Phase option on the Job Cost tab; if you want to enter equipment usage with timecards, check the Enter Equipment Usage with Timecards option on the Equipment tab. Check the applicable fields on the State/Local tab which will determine if the job, work order, or resident state is used for withholding taxes, unemployment taxes, local taxes, and worker's compensation. An override may be set up by employee in PR Employees.

  • Options Available in Timecard Entry - The PR Timecard Entry form provides a grid for fast and easy data entry. Options available in the 'PR User Grid Options' form (Options menu) allow you to define what fields should be accessible in the grid and how the data should be entered. By including only the fields in the grid which require entry and allowing the other fields to use intelligent defaults, you can customize the form for maximum ease of use and speed of entry. For more detailed information, see Customizing Timecard Entry in Related Topics below.