About the PR Crew Timesheet Approve Form

Use this form to approve crew timesheets. You only need to use this form if you have specified that all timesheets for the crew require approval before they can be sent to PR, JC, and EM (you checked the Timesheets Require Approval box in PR Crews).

With this form, you can pull in all timesheets for a payroll group, or restrict by job and/or crew. You can easily differentiate the status of each timesheet by the grid row color. Timesheets with a status of "New/Editable" are orange, those with a status of "Awaiting Approval" display in gray, and those with a status of "Ready to Send" are green. You can only approve gray timesheet rows (Awaiting Approval) in this form.

You can reverse a timesheet's approval status at any time until the timesheet has been sent to PR, JC, and EM batches (PR Crew Timesheet Send). Additionally, as long as a timesheet has not been sent, it can be unlocked and edited in PR Timesheet Entry.